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Coaching Case Studies
Clients and projects undertaken

Coaching Case Study 1

Sarah was new to the company and the role of Finance Assistant. This was her first work placement. Her Manager wanted to develop her confidence and skills in answering the telephone and being the 'internal' and 'external' face of the department.

We spent a morning doing one to one coaching around telephone manner, voice, tone and content and followed this up with 'mystery caller' sessions, extra telephone coaching and feedback sessions.
The improvement was measured through a checklist and easily recognisable by Sarah, her work colleagues and callers. Both skill and confidence improved significantly over the course of a couple of weeks. A small time investment for a big gain in customer service and reputation.

Coaching Case Study 2

The HR Manager contacted us to see if we could help resolve a relationship issue. A Manager and his reporting Supervisor were struggling to communicate effectively. In fact the Manager was removing responsibility from the team member and avoiding communication whenever possible. The reporting Supervisor had a trust issue with the Manager and had several grievances to do with his behaviour and attitude.

The Manager had contacted HR citing the reporting Supervisor as a difficult employee and asked for some one to one coaching to support the Supervisor to work effectively within the team.

When we met with the reporting Supervisor we worked with him and a range of personality tools and models to enable him to consider relationship styles and their consequence. We supported the Supervisor to identify mechanisms to enable the relationship to work more effectively.

In initial discussions there was a lot of blame and emotion around the relationship, we worked on how to improve the relationship and how to influence the Manager in an effective manner.

Coaching Case Study 3

Tim was a passionate team leader who had received little training in his career. He worked night shift in a manufacturing company so had little managerial support. His HR Manager asked us to work with him around his attitude to other Team leaders, his communication style was described as aggressive and he tended to 'rub people up the wrong way' through his approach to communication being abrupt and accusatory.

We worked with Tim to understand his behaviour and it's impact on others. We also explored the root causes for his behaviours and worked on confidence building to boost his self esteem. Over a few sessions Tim described feeling less frustrated and more positive about himself and his role in the company.

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