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At Training4fusion as well as trainers we are practitioners in many of the skills that we coach others to use. Facilitation is no exception. Clients often book us to run facilitation sessions.
We aim to bring a high level of professionalism, fun and results to every facilitated session that we run.


A client needed an impartial facilitator to run a Team Development day which involved looking at future roles and behaviours as well as improving working practise. We designed and delivered a day that achieved business results.

Another client needed a facilitator to run a Senior Management strategic review day. The team felt they needed some discipline and to be challenged on their current thinking. We delivered a day that stretched their current thinking on future business developments and helped the team to bond more effectively.

A large client used the Training4Fusion team to run a series of Facilitated events to help a range of technical teams within the organisation to develop and implement competencies within their teams. This involved gaining 'buy in' commitment to action and decision making across the team. Sessions ran over a period of time driven by Corporate goals and deadlines.

We also coach trained facilitators in designing something 'a little different' to get results with their team. We supported a new facilitator to design a session for a 'challenging group' and to raise her profile as a facilitator within her business community.

Give us a call if your facilitation could do with a 'lift' - or if you want to bring in external facilitators to get that little bit more from a session, build commitment to actions or stretch thinking beyond the obvious!


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All our workshops are fun, interactive and full of activities, self assessment questionnaires, individual and group work to maximise your learning experience. Everyone takes away an action plan to implement in the workplace. Our highly experienced and friendly trainers tailor the day to the group training objectives and needs of the organisation.

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